Liocharis Kefalonia Olive Mill

Oleificio Cephalonica

A modern production facility dedicated in quality extra virgin olive oil

  1. ORGANIC - Olive mill is certified for organic production by TuV Austria. Our olive fields are carefully cultivated to prevent sub-soil water, and soil contamination. Use of chemichals pesticides is not allowed and only environmetal friendly practices are applied. 
  2. ISO 22,000-2015 HACCP - Our facility is certified by Cyprus Certification Company for compliance with food HACCP and ISO 22,000 requirements. Therefore consumers are well protected and ensured for receipt of a quality product. 
  3. PGI - Protected Geographical identification. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is PGI-Kefalonia. It is certified that it is produced under maximum care from only local farmers and local well established olive varieties.
  4. EFSA HEALTH CLAIM - Vitamin E contributes to protection of cell's oxidisation, Source of Vitamin E. Olive oil polyphenols contribute to the protection of blood lipids oxidisation. High content of monounsaturated fat. as per E.U. 1924/2006
  5. Silver quality award in New York International olive oil competition 2020-2021 - Our Protected geograhical origin Liocharis Kefalonia olive oil received a silver medal in the NYIOOC 2020
  6. Silver quality award in New York International olive oil competition 2019-2020 - Our Protected geograhical origin Liocharis Kefalonia olive oil received a silver medal in the NYIOOC 2019
  7. Silver quality award in Tokio Olive oil somelier association, and Gold award in Italy IOOC

Our Contacts


Sp.Lykiardopoulos Rd 
Kerameies Spartia


+30 26710 69034


Kefalonia Olive Mill

Liocharis Kefalonia Olive Mill

Located in SW part of Kefalonia island in the village of Spartia & Kerameies, Livatho area.

Renovation In Olive Oil production in Kefalonia

We build a modern olive mill with brand new technologies, in order to produce olive oil in the highest standards

Farming, Production, Bottling 

We offer a complete packet of srvices, including farming tips, harvesting tips, producing and bottling extra virgin olive oil. We are equiped with a small chemical laboratory in order to carry out a few basic analysis as per E.U. regulation 2568/91

How to produce quality extra virgin olive oil EVOO

On the photoes bellow you can see each step until bottling olive oil. By touching on the photo you can read more information. The first steps are on the field

Kefalonia Olives blossom

Quality starts from field

During April & May olive trees blossom and the farmer's job starts. In Kefalonia there are 3 major Olive varieties. Koroneiko, Dopia, & Ithaca

Olives in Kefalonia

Control of olive fly

Good quality fruit means good quality oil. During summer time it is required weekle visits and dedicated action for olive fly control and fungus. Traps and spraying are some of them

Olive harvest Kefalonia

Harvest takes places

From mid October harvest takes place. We start with green olives producing early harvest oil, green thick and bitter rich in antioxidants. Harvesting involves all members of family, It is a hard and labour intensive job that some years ends in mid February

The next step is on the olive mill

Transport & mill preparation involves many steps

Olives transfer

Olives are transfered in olive mill

Olives from field are put inside wooven bags, baskets and gratings to be transfered in the olive mill. They must be processed the same day. The more fresh the fruits and better oil produced

First Day of Operation

First Day of Operation

First day of operation involves a traditional blessing ceremony from local priest including all family and labour gathering.
In this photo Mss Marina with her son Spyros, and our grandfather Spyros with the blessing of father Markos

Liocharis Olive mill

Olives are loaded

Olives are loaded in the hopper immediatelly after they are weighted.
They are coming inside through a belt conveyor for processing

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Olive Mill Processing

Olive Milling processing involves various steps. The first one is washing olives .......

Washing olives - Kefalonia Liocharis Olive oil

Olives washing

Olives are washed with fresh water from atmospheric dust, soil, or other contaminants that may damage the olive oil quality

Crushing of olive

Crushing of olives

Olives after washing are droping in the crusher. This involves some hammers spining, converting olives into a paste

Liocharis Kefalonia olive mill


The paste is diverted in 6 basins. Into these basins the paste is stirred, and heated up to 25-28 'C for 30-45 minutes depending the variety and maturity

Olive Mill processing Extraction

Cold extraction by use of centrifuge

Kefalonia Olive Mill


It is a critical step, olive paste must become soft like pulp to be diverted to the first horizontal centrifuge.

Olive mill decanter

Horizontal decanter

The olive paste contains flesh, pit, water and oil is pumped in the horizontal decanter. By high speed centrifuge oil separated from the rest and coming out. The leftovers are diverted in the silo outside for transportation to another factory

Olive oil cold extraction

Olive oil cold extraction

Olive oil is separated from the paste and comes out from a special tube of the horizontal decanter. Since it contains some pieces of pit and water need filtering and clarification

Olive Oil production last steps

Olive oil coming out from the decanter contains small pieces of pit and a small ammount of water. Therefore it needs filtering and clarification

Vertical centrifuge  - clarifier


Olive Oil from decanter goes through some pumps in the vertical centrifuge. Over ther it is claried and purified from the containing water

Temperature control

Temperature Control 

Temperature is controlled in various steps to ensure that it doesn't exceed the 30'C limit for quality production

Olive oil ready for consumption

Ready for consumption

Olive Oil as it comes out of the clarifier is ready for consmption. It is weighted and either returned to the producer or stored in our tanks before blending and bottling

Olive Oil tasting

Greek Brunch

We offer to our clients and visitors a traditional Greek Brunch with feta cheese and possibility to compare different varieties of olive oils

Liocharis Olive Oil

Liocharis Olive Oil

We bottle our olive oil after blending it. We are very proud and stand for our product

Olive Oil tasting

Training to farmers

Taining is carried out annualy to our farmers and producers as well as the students of the local university "Food technology faculty"

Olive Oil tasting

Olive Oil Tasting

During summer time we are open for visitors. We carry out olive oil tasting sessions, and we explain the benefits in health from olive oil consumption. Many say it is one of the most interesting time they have in Kefalonia


Don't hesitate to contact us

Visit our olive mill, or get in contact for information.

For the visitors of the island we offer free olive oil tasting tour where you can see the harvest and production of Liocharis Kefalonia olive Oil. Olive oil tasting ,possitive, negative attributes, health benefits and local varieties of Kefalonia. It is  remarkable experience and highly recommended.

Phone: +302671069034



May.2021 Our Liocharis Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been awarded with Silver Award in NYIOOC 2021

June.2020 Our Liocharis Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been awarded with Silver Award in Tokio Olive Oil Somelier Association
Gold Award in Italy IOOC
Furthermore three producers trusting our services have been awarded with Gold and Silver awards in Berlin Global Olive Oil Competition 

12.May.2020 We received silver award in NYIOOC. Our Liocharis Extra virgin olive oil is proudly standing among the best olive oils in the world

We continue guiding through our network of contacts our farmers about cultivating practices. Our farmers receive monthly SMS regarding infections, diseases, olive fly population, and fungus. They receive instructions what and when to do it. This is the second year we exercise this practice with excellent results.

It is highly unlikely that people can contract COVID-19 from food or food packaging. COVID-19 is a respiratory illness and the primary transmission route is through person-toperson contact and through direct contact with respiratory droplets generated when an infected person coughs or sneezes. There is no evidence to date of viruses that cause respiratory illnesses being transmitted via food or food packaging. Coronaviruses cannot multiply in food; they need an animal or human host to multiply. 
Recently carried out extensive training to our personel regarding the proper use of face mask and gloves, training on food hygiene principles to eliminate or reduce the risk of food surfaces and food packaging materials becoming contaminated with the virus from food workers.  

14.Jan.2020 Last day of operation for season 2019-2020

20.Oct.2019 Announcenment of co-operation with Kevin Klamt owner of OLIVEA extra virgin olive oil for the introduction of a new brand. 

14.Oct.2019 First day of operation for season 2019-2020. First Olive oil produced is dedicated to my sister's birthday 

19-21.July.2019 #Liocharis Olive Oil donors Traverso festival in Lakythra village

5.July.2019 Olive mill participates in Olive fly damage  prevention with a network of olive fly traps

Summer 2019 We decided to have our olive mill open to public. Visitors of Kefalonia island can have a visit free of charge, see video of olive oil production, taste different oils form olive varieties, food pairing and health benefits from olive oil consumption 

1.Feb.2019 Last operation date for the mill for 2018-2019 season

1.Oct.2019 New UV-Vis spectrofasmatometer received for our chemistry lab. We are now capable to offer official analysis to olive oil produced in situ, according EU 2568/91 and IOOC directives COI 20.

15.Apr.2018 Antheion Kostas Kokolis olive oil produced & bottled on the mill won gold in NYIOOC 2018

22.Nov.2016 Our first day of operation. Let the jurney begin


Get monthly updates and free resources.

Request volunteers for olive's harvest starting mid Oct 2020. We offer free of charge place to stay, transportation from/to airport, daily breakfast & dinner.  Flexible working plan. For information contact

Φοιτητής ή φοιτίτρια του Πανεπιστημίου Ιονίων νήσων τμήμα τεχνολογίας τροφήμων αναζητάτε για εργασιακή εμπειρία,για την σεζόν 2020-2021. Αποστείλατε βιογραφικά στο

Looking for student of Ionian Universtiry in food technology for job experience for season 2020-2021. Send your CV in



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