Taste Kefalonia

A complete packet of services from Kefalonia Island

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Kefalonia Island is well known for its quality products. In tastekefalonia we offer Extra Virgin Olive Oil from our own olive mill, Robolla wine from our vineyards and honey from our bee hives on mountain Ainos. all these are combined in our restaurant Dionysos Taverna in Lourdata. We welcome our guests to see the productions of these goods staying in our Liocharis apartments in Lourdas

Taste Kefalonia board of directors

Taste Kefalonia is a project run by a family. It is dedicated in production, bottling, and distribution of Kefalonia olive oil, wine and honey, as well as food pairing, and olive tree cultivation. 

Head of directors and project manager. Born and leaving in Kefalonia

Olive mill master and production manager. In charge of olive tree cultivation. Born and leaving in Kefalonia,

Chef of  Dionysos restaurant, and olive oil taster. Born and leaving in Kefalonia


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